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The Anew Advisors Investment Difference Thumbnail

The Anew Advisors Investment Difference


Your retirement plan is counting on consistent investment returns in order to fund your lifestyle and allow you to stop working. Are you putting your money to work as efficiently as possible?

Explore the Anew Advisors investment difference and how our investing philosophy helps high-income earners build a retirement plan to fund their dreams.

Protect Your Ability to Earn Income

While time is an important element of your retirement plan, the most crucial component is your income. So, what happens if you get in an accident or are otherwise unable to continue earning money at work? If you don’t have strategies in place to protect your income, you might be forced to tap into your retirement fund early or won’t have any way to continue investing.

We use a bank financing strategy, which aims to match up to 3:1. By working with banks for financing, you are able to invest more and protect your investments with life insurance.

This strategy is similar to using a mortgage to buy a house. You use a mortgage to leverage additional assets in order to buy more house than you could afford on your own. In this case of bank financing, instead of a house, it’s additional retirement income benefits.

Thorough Custodian Vetting Process

The events with GameStop and Reddit investors brought light to many unfavorable practices by many custodians. We vet every custodian we work with to ensure something like the stock shorting disaster that impacted Robinhood and other custodians never happens with our partners.

Focus on Individuals Stocks vs. Mutual Funds

Instead of spreading your investments across multiple mutual funds with different cost-structures, we focus on individual stocks.

Owning individual stocks instead of mutual funds lets your money work harder. With mutual funds, you sacrifice a significant portion of returns to multiple different internal expenses. Not only does that cost you now, but you also miss out on the opportunity for that money to accumulate interest and growth over the next few decades.

Lower investing costs mean a higher probability of portfolio value over time. We focus on investing in individual stocks with no transaction costs and no expense ratio, making your money work harder.

Invest in Dividend-paying Stocks

From 1972 until 2021, Stock Growers & Initiators provided nearly a 10% return on average. Meanwhile, Non-dividend Stocks earned less than 5%, and those who cut dividends lost about .5%. (Ned Davis Research) Dividend-paying stocks have shown time and time again to provide a higher return on investment than organizations that don’t pay dividends.

As such, we invest in dividend-paying stocks to ensure our client’s money has the most potential for return possible.

Organizations Should Be Poised to Serve the Market

We’re currently experiencing a barbell economy — Millennials and Baby Boomers make up the largest portions of the population and are both at decision-making ages. As such, any company looking to grow should serve at least one of those generational markets.

Data via Statista

At Anew, we invest in organizations that are set up to serve Millennials, Baby Boomers, or both. Not serving any of those markets is a key indicator that an organization is not poised for growth.

Experience the Anew Difference for Yourself

Our investment philosophy helps our Business Leaders and First Responders save for the retirement lifestyle they desire.

Schedule time with our experts to learn more about how we can support your organization’s retirement plan.

Investors should be aware that investing based upon a strategy or strategies does not assure a profit or guarantee against loss.

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